Current Research Projects

“Institutional Isomorphisms in Seminar Strategies of Top Business Schools” (with Nicolai Foss and Tianjiao Xu)

“AI-driven Ecosystem Orchestration and Stakeholder Value Implications” (with Nicolai Foss and Yannick Bammens)

“The effect of publicly co-funded industry-science collaboration on scientific production” (with Cindy Lopes-Bento and Maikel Pellens, submitted)

“Causal Machine Learning and Business Decision Making” (with Jermain Kaminski and Carla Schmitt, submitted)

“The Choice of Control Variables: How Causal Graphs Can Inform the Decision” (with Beyers Louw and Mikko Rönkkö, Best Paper Proceedings of the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Preprint)

“Overcoming the Scale Disadvantage in AI: The Promise of Federated Machine Learning” (with Yannick Bammens, Revise & Resubmit at MIT Sloan Management Review)

“Ecological Community Logics, Identifiable Business Ownership, and Green Innovation as a Company Response” (with Yannick Bammens, conditionally accepted at Research Policy)

“On the Nuisance of Control Variables in Regression Analysis” (with Beyers Louw, Revise & Resubmit at Organizational Research Methods)


[13] Hünermund, P., Louw, B., Caps, I. (2023). Double Machine Learning and Automated Confounder Selection — A Cautionary Tale. Journal of Causal Inference, 11: 20220078.

Preprint (arXiv)
Media: (audio summary)

[12] Hünermund, P., Barenboim, E. (2023). Causal Inference and Data Fusion in Econometrics. The Econometrics Journal, forthcoming.

Preprint (arXiv)

[11] Rohrer, J. M., Hünermund, P., Arslan, R. C., Elson, M. (2022). That’s a lot to Process! Pitfalls of Popular Path Models. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science, 5(2): 1–14.

Preprint (PsyArXiv)

[10] Bammens, Y., Hünermund, P., Andries, P. (2022). Pursuing Gains or Avoiding Losses: The Contingent Effect of Transgenerational Intentions on Innovation Investments. Journal of Management Studies, 59(6): 1493–1530.

Media: Management Studies Insights Blog

[9] Bammens, Y., Hünermund, P. (2021). How Midsize Companies Can Compete in AIHarvard Business Review, September.

[8] Hamstra, M. R. W., Schreurs, B., Jawahar, I. M., Laurijssen, L. M., Hünermund, P. (2021). Manager narcissism and employee silence: A socio‐analytic theory perspective. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 94(1): 29–54.

[7] Boeing, P., Hünermund, P. (2020). A global decline in research productivity? Evidence from China and Germany. Economics Letters, 197.

Media: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), ZEW Policy Brief, ZEW News, Wirtschaftsforum SPD, Marginal Revolution

[6] Bammens, Y., Hünermund, P. (2020). Nonfinancial considerations in eco‐innovation decisions: The role of family ownership and reputation concerns. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 37(5): 431–453.

FFI Best Quantitative Paper Award at European Academy of Management (EURAM) 2018 Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland

[5] Andries, P., Hünermund, P. (2020). Firm-level effects of staged investments in innovation: The moderating role of resource availability. Research Policy, 49(7).

Preprint, Supplemental Material

[4] Czarnitzki, D., Hünermund, P., and Moshgbar, N. (2020). Public Procurement of Innovation: Evidence from a German Legislative Reform. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 71.

Media: Oekonomenstimme, ZEWnews

[3] Hünermund, P., Czarnitzki, D. (2019). Innovation Policy and Causality. ifo DICE Report 4 / 2019 (Winter): Innovation Policy, 3–6.

[2] Hünermund, P., and Czarnitzki, D. (2019). Estimating the Causal Effect of R&D Subsidies in a Pan-European Program. Research Policy, 48(1): 115–124.

Preprint, Supplemental Material
Media: Voxeu, Oekonomenstimme, ZEW Aktuell

[1] Hünermund P. (2017). Do Most Companies Even Try to Innovate Anymore?. Harvard Business Review, April.

Book Chapters

[1] Hünermund, P. (2021). Herausforderungen für die Innovationspolitik. In Frenzel, M., Machnig, M., Zenke, I. (Hg.). Post Coronomics — Neue Ideen für Markt, Staat und Unternehmen. Bonn, Germany: Dietz.

Other publications

Hünermund, P., Schmidt-Dengler, P., and Takahashi Y. (2014). Entry and Shakeout in Dynamic Oligopoly. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 14-116.