Research interests: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, R&D Policy, Causal Inference


[1] Hünermund, P., and Czarnitzki, D. (2019). Estimating the Causal Effect of R&D Subsidies in a Pan-European Program. Research Policy, 48(1), 115-124.

Preprint, Supplemental Material
Media coverage: Voxeu, Oekonomenstimme, ZEW Aktuell

Current Research Projects:

“Nonfinancial and Temporal Preferences: How Family Owners’ Transgenerational Intentions Shape Innovation Spending” (with Yannick Bammens and Petra Andries, submitted for publication)

“Public Procurement of Innovation: Evidence from a German Legislative Reform” (with Dirk Czarnitzki and Nima Moshgbar, under submission)

Media coverage: Oekonomenstimme, ZEWnews

“Owners and Ecological Corporate Entrepreneurship: The Effect of Family Ownership on Eco-Innovation” (with Yannick Bammens, submitted for publication)

Paper won FFI Best Quantitative Paper Award at European Academy of Management (EURAM) 2018 Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland

“Entry and Shakeout in Dynamic Oligopoly” (with Philipp Schmidt-Dengler and Yuya Takahashi)

“Staged investments in innovation: A behavioral perspective on real options” (with Petra Andries, submitted for publication)

Media coverage: Lindau Blog

“Graphical Models of Causation”

Other publications:

Hünermund P. “Do Most Companies Even Try to Innovate Anymore?”. Harvard Business Review, 14 April 2017.

Hünermund P, Rammer C. “Konzentration der Innovationstätigkeit in Deutschland nimmt zu”. 21 February 2017.

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