paul-h-swI’m an Assistant Professor at the Strategy & Innovation department of Copenhagen Business School. I studied economics at the University of Mannheim, HEC Lausanne, and New York University. After completion of a Ph.D. in business economics at KU Leuven in 2017, I spent three years as a tenure-track assistant professor at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, before joining CBS in September 2020. My research interests lie in the area of innovation, firm strategy, R&D policy and causal inference. Moreover, I’m part of the editorial board of the Journal of Causal Inference and member of the executive team (responsible for social media) of the Technology and Innovation Management Division (TIM) at the Academy of Management.

On this site you can find an overview about my research. Occasionally I also blog about interesting stuff in my field.

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Email: phu.si@cbs.dk

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