Innovation on (government) demand?

Next week we will organize the 7th ZEW/MaCCI Conference on the Economics of Innovation and Patenting in Mannheim and the program will be great. We will have Bronwyn Hall from Berkeley and Pierre Azoulay from MIT as keynote speakers. I’m definitely looking forward to hear them speak.

Myself, I will present a new project on the relationship between public procurement and innovation. In brief the research question is the following. Continue reading Innovation on (government) demand?

Recent innovation trends in the German economy

In my institute we’re conducting the German part of the Community Innnovation Survey–a pan-European survey about the R&D activities of firms. This week the final report for the 2015 survey wave got published with data for 2012 until 2014. It shows that not much has changed in 2014 compared to 2013. In total, German firms spent 145 billion euro on reserach and innovation activities. Continue reading Recent innovation trends in the German economy

How to get knowledge out of the ivory tower?

Technology transfer is a big topic for scholars and policy makers.We would like to know how we can harvest the knowledge and ideas that are produced at universities and research institutes and to make them available to society. The invention of new technologies is only a first step. They need to be commercialized as innovative products and services to further foster a society’s wealth. Especially Europe could do better here. Continue reading How to get knowledge out of the ivory tower?