Why do less and less people start their own business?

There are not many better things (personal things aside) that can happen to a job market candidate than getting mentioned by Tyler Cowen on Marginal Revolution, one of the most widely read economics blogs on the internet. This happened to Nicholas Kozeniauskas from NYU. His paper got judged to be “one of the more important papers of this job market season” by Tyler. And it has indeed many interesting results to offer. Continue reading Why do less and less people start their own business?

Innovation,unemployment and subjective well-being

These days, everybody is talking about the losers of globalization and how they made Trump and Brexit happen. People in industrialized countries lose their jobs due to offshoring and international competition, which leads them to vote for right-wing populists, so the common narrative goes. That might not be the full story though. Continue reading Innovation,unemployment and subjective well-being

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

These days we had our flagship conference at ZEW: the 5th Annual SEEK Conference. This event is particularly interesting because it brings together high-level policy makers such as Mario Monti (former Prime Minister of Italy, now President of Bocconi University) or Peter Praet (Chief Economist of the ECB) with renowned academics like, among others, Ufuk Akcigit (University of Chicago), Tommaso Valletti (Imperial College London) or James Bessen (Boston University). This year’s topics were innovation, entrepreneurship, and competition policy and how they can contribute to sustained growth. Continue reading Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

Aghion’s new Growth Pact for Europe

Philippe Aghion and Ufuk Akcigit have a brand-new draft of a survey* about innovation and growth from a Schumpeterian perspective which they will present on a conference in Brussels next week. It does not differ much from already existing reviews of Schumpeterian growth models. But at the end they add a section on policy advice for Europe which is an interesting read. Continue reading Aghion’s new Growth Pact for Europe