Advertising fail: the case of

Winter can be a hard time for singles. It’s cold outside, there’s nobody to cuddle with and it sucks to go to family parties all alone. Perfect time for dating websites to flood the city with advertising. These posters by, who claims to be the largest online meeting point for singles in Germany, can be found everywhere these days: Continue reading Advertising fail: the case of

Den Pobedy

Today, in continental Europe, we remember the end of World War II. The German Bundestag commemorates the victims of the war in a quiet and devout mood. At 9 in the morning, historian Heinrich August Winkler as well as the president of the parliament, Norbert Lammert, give a speech. Besides some media coverage, there won’t be other official public events. Things will be a little different in Moscow tomorrow. Since in Russia it was already after midnight when Nazi Germany signed its capitulation in 1945, “Den Pobedy” or “Victory Day” is celebrated on May 9. Continue reading Den Pobedy

Economics Unchained


I recently published an article on Economics Unchained. The website was created by one of my former classmates at Mannheim and serves as a platform for young economists to publicize extended abstracts of their research. Much like voxeu for people who are still early in their career. That’s a great idea, if you ask me. The homepage is still at the beginning. It thrives on the participation of the community. So go ahead and share your thoughts! It would be great to see the concept taking off.